Trump should be suspended for the rest of the semester

John Fund has it exactly right: Donald Trump isn't a serious candidate. He's not even an entertainer.

He's a teenage bully, and it's nothing less than disgraceful that he continues on top of the polls.

His game is saying outrageous things and then daring you to call him on them. If you do, he'll insult you and call you names. Oooooooo! Burn!

What he doesn't do- and cannot do- is defend his position with facts and arguments rather than name-calling and further outrageous assertions. His pique at Meghan Kelly and Fox News for merely holding him accountable for his own record reeks of an upscale nursery school. The sense of entitlement to special treatment ought to be offensive to anyone born west of Versailles.

It's shameful. But the shame isn't The Donald's, finally. The shame belongs to the people who continue encourage this overgrown spoiled brat.

ADDENDUM: Here's what Fred Barnes has to say about the damage Trump is doing to the Republican party.

Wise up, people!


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