Trump's immigration Kristallnacht would mean huge growth in Federal power and spending

George Will points out that Donald Trump's Kristallnacht  plan to round up and deport all illegal immigrants would necessitate a huge increase in the size, expense, and intrusiveness of the Federal government.

Powerline points out that Trump is an empire builder.

And Rasmussen reports that while Republican voters understand how critical Hispanic votes are to winning the 2016 election, they remain bound and determined to do everything in their power to alienate Hispanic voters.

It all makes absolutely no sense.


SteveH said…
Trump suffer's from the same "King George syndrome" that O'bama does. The President does not have the power to do all these cockamamie things that he tells us that he will do. We had a revolution and instituted a Constitution that spells out the fact that we are governed by three equal branches of government.