Vive les Maquis!

For all the jokes about "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" and all the treachery we've experienced from our first and possibly most disloyal friend, it's well to remember that only the French government and the French army that surrendered to the Germans in 1940, and only the French government and the French army that lost.

The French people fought on- and eventually won.

"The Maquis," they were called- the heroic French resistance which fought courageously on and played such a decisive role in undermining the German occupation forces and paving the way for the Allies on D-Day and thereafter. In many ways, they're the gold standard to this day for underground resistance groups fighting for freedom against an oppressive regime.

You may see a metaphor coming. If so, you're right.

Those who value marriage and the historic values of Western civilization may have thought we'd lost the war when five lawless Supreme Court justices set themselves up as an unelected, standing Constitutional convention, ignored the entire legal and philosophical history of that civilization where marriage is concerned and pulled a "right" for same-sex couples to "marry" out of thin air, many thought the war was over. But- surprise! It seems only to be beginning.

The nuttiness of the social Left since Obergefell v. Hodges was handed down has been so extreme, David French points out, that according to three separate. recent polls support for same-sex marriage is declining since Obergefell!

At various points during the struggle over the "unsinning" of homosexuality in the ELCA, the off-the-wall rhetoric and behavior of the homosexualists seemed to be turning the tide against them. The ELCA nomanklatura, to be sure, had- as one high-ranking ELCA official once virtually admitted to a group of us in private- decided that, by hook or by crook and no matter how long it might take, the ELCA laity would be won over- or overpowered. And they were right.

Never underestimate the willingness of the Cultural Left to go all Gestapo on people. But still, the polls are encouraging.

Vive les Maquis!


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