Another one bites the dust

This religiously bigoted comment by Dr. Ben Carson adds his name to the list of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul as GOP presidential candidates for whom I will not, under any circumstances, vote next November.

ADDENDUM: I addressed this in the comments, but it should be said here.

It's one thing to exclude someone from the presidency because he rejects the separation of church and state, or because he believes something else that Islam teaches. But to reject him because he's a Muslim is another matter.

The Constitution says that there should be "no religious test" for public office. It's kind of hard for me to see how anybody could reject that very clear dictum from the Constitution and still claim to be, in any sense, a constitutionalist.

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SteveH said…
Is it not a tenet of the Muslim religion that there is no division of government and religion? Would this not compel a devout Muslim to advocate for a theocracy?
Then say that someone who doesn't believe in a division of government or religion or who believes in theocracy shouldn't be president, not that a Muslim shouldn't be president. "No religious test" means exactly what the words say. Hard to be a constitutionalist if you muff that one!

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