CAUTION: Warning people about behavior that can be fatal can be fatal to your career

The sheer, unmitigated irrationality of contemporary American mores staggers belief.

Somehow, telling the truth about behavior- not saying nasty things about people with a particular sexual orientation, mind you, but merely saying true and accurate things about homosexual behavior- can cost you your career.

Read this, and this- and weep for America. Weep for us all.

There is a scene in Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons in which Thomas More stops Richard Rich- who has just perjured himself at More's trial for treason against Henry VIII- and asks what the chain of office around Rich's neck signifies. "Sir Richard is appointed attorney general for Wales," he is told.

"Richard, Richard," More says to his former protege. "It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world in exchange for his soul. But for Wales?"

At least in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, the powers that be did this kind of stuff to hang on to power. But for the sake of being politically correct?


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