Chicago circles the drain, and drags Illinois down with it

Herein is the sad tale of my home state- and my home city- as they descend from greatness into poverty and gloom.

The politics of Illinois- and Chicago- have become a farce. Even more than in the nation as a whole, the Center has vanished. And there's practically no Right.

But apparently either the insight or the will necessary to change just isn't there. And even though I don't live there anymore, it breaks my heart.

Gov. Rahner is doing his best. But it's going to be tough. My heart and my hopes and my prayers are with him.

In that heart, I'm still a Chicagoan and an Illinoisan, and always will be.

ADDENDUM: If present trends continue, by the end of the decade Houston will pass Chicago in population and become the nation's third largest city.

Unacceptable, Rahm.

HT: Drudge


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