DA says Kane rape kit tampering was "an elaborate hoax;" dismissal of charges seems likely

The District Attorney in the Patrick Kane case says that the "tampered-with rape kit" is an "elaborate hoax" by the mother of the accuser. This explains the mysterious resignation of the accuser's attorney yesterday for unspecified "ethical" reasons involving his having been deceived about the "sequence of events" in the case.

The DA says that in fact the rape kit never left police custody. It seems much less likely now that the case will even go to a grand jury. It's going to be awfully hard to prosecute Kane in the face of this.

If Kane is guilty, it's hard to see what his accuser's mother was thinking. The problem, of course, is that we'll never know for sure. The case could still go forward.

But again, it seems more and more likely that the charges will simply be dropped. Patrick Kane will continue his great NHL career under a cloud, but at the moment it looks like he will, indeed, continue it.


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