Glorying in their shame

People having abortions do not have the right to demand that others approve, any more than people who have sex with members of the same gender (or, for that matter, with members of the opposite one) do.

This notion that one is being discriminated against unless everybody applauds their behavior isn't just more than a little unreasonable. It's downright silly. Yet that's the premise for one of the more depraved happenings of this depraved age, the "Shout Your Abortion" shamefest.

Because something is legal, or common, or popular doesn't make it right. Or even respectable.

Oh. And incidentally, the fetus isn't a "potential life." Despite the attempt of some to arbitrarily locate the moment when life begins at implantation into the wall of the uterus, cell division and the processes which define life begin at conception. This is no set of blueprints for a house; it's a house under construction.

It's a life- and, being a human rather than a wombat or rhinoceros fetus, it's a human life.


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