Is Rand Paul the next GOP candidate to bite the dust?

Donald Trump's candidacy is like a cancer. There's nothing healthy about it. It just eats up attention and dries up fundraising for more credible candidates while offering nothing real itself. Trump will not be the nominee- and if by some satanic miracle he is, he will not be elected president. To many members of his own (for the moment) party simply will not vote for him, even to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

First Rick Perry succumbed to the Trump malignancy. Then Scott Walker. There are indications that the darling of the libertarians and heir to a.... um.... well-known political brand, Rand Paul, may be the next whose campaign will die from the Trump malignancy.

Meanwhile, the crazies in the House have driven out John Boehner, and the crazies in the Senate are aiming for Mitch McConnell. Their replacements are likely to engage in precisely the kind of pointless obstructionist tactics that has brought the Republican brand into such disrepute with the people the GOP needs to attract in order to win the presidency.
More government shutdowns appear to be on the menu. And each one will help the liberal Democrats and hurt precisely the ideological program of the people who push hardest for them.

At least Ted Cruz's bizarre and utterly pointless filibuster against Obamacare didn't turn the country further against his party. It only embarrassed it (and him), while very briefly delaying the inevitable.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats continue to strive with all their might to self-destruct. But it seems that the Republicans just won't let them. The irrational Trump boom, born of an orgy of frustration in no small measure with the idea that grownups govern by comity and compromise, continues to metastasize, co-morbidly with a fanatical desire for red meat even at the cost of victory, power, and ideological success.

Yes, the system is broken. And the ones who are complaining about it the most loudly are the most broken thing about it.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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