'Justice' isn't necessarily just- or even an accurate adjective

'Justice' doesn't mean justice in today's political discourse. It's a buzzword for certain left-wing causes which may well have implications which are anything but just.

But the Left likes the word. They used it a lot at Wartburg Seminary when I was a student there. The ELCA remains fond of it. It's one of Pope Francis's favorite words.

But, as this article asks, is any reasonable person actually against 'justice?' And is 'justice' necessarily just?

That's the problem with 'buzz words-' whether they be "justice," or "marriage equality," or "homophobia," or "privilege," or any of a hundred others. They don't communicate what they express. They "spin" the matters they address in such a way as to distort them- and distortion doesn't make for effective or even logically valid policy debate.

Just look at what happened when marriage redefinition was recast as marriage equality.


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