More thoughts on Walker's exit: Did CNN and Fox give him the short end of the stick?

A friend who is an admirer of Scott Walker shared this with me.

I disagree that speaking time should be rationed in any way in a presidential debate, beyond seeing to it that everybody has a roughly equal opportunity to be heard. That this was not done as regards Gov. Walker is the primary complaint of the article linked to above.

That said, the demise of Scott Walker's once-promising candidacy can be finally laid to one thing: the domination of the contest by a jackass who has no more chance of being president of the United States than Vladimir Putin, and has tossed a hand grenade into a contest among the ablest group of candidates either party has fielded in a generation.

This could have been a great opportunity for America. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has turned it into a joke. Scott Walker isn't the only victim of The Donald's silly, self-promoting ego orgy.

We all are.


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