Taranto agrees: It's time for the 'fact-checkers' to stop lying to us

James Taranto opines in the Wall Street Journal about dishonest, partisan "fact-checkers-" including those who variously (and falsely) claimed that the Planned Parenthood video which Carly Fiorina so eloquently discussed in last week's debate was variously non-existent, "heavily edited" (deception being implied), or otherwise fraudulent.

The problem of political partisans posing as objective arbiters of who is and who is not telling the truth is itself deceptive, dishonest, a blight on journalistic ethics, and a scourge to the electoral process.

They should knock it off.

Here, once more, is the video Carly referred to. It shows a former employee of a company to which Planned Parenthood sold specimens describing a process in which exactly what Carly described took place. The video includes footage of a living, aborted fetus- admittedly a different one, but pretty much identical to the one the former employee described. It also includes the voice of a Planned Parenthood doctor admitting that what she describes takes place.

And here- prefaced by remarks about how she would deal with the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb- is what Carly had to say on the subject:

HT: Real Clear Politics


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