The crackpot candidate who appeals to crackpots

Local news item here in Des Moines: Doctors are concerned that Donald Trump's irresponsible embracing of discredited claims that vaccines cause autism may result in kids getting sick because their folks are afraid to have them immunized.

And Trump not only fails to correct a bozo who claims that President Obama "isn't even an American," but agrees with him that POTUS is a Muslim?

Trump has "secret sources" that he can't reveal which tell him that llegal immigration is a plot by the Mexican government?

The dude is going to deport 11 million illegal immigrants- a group of people the size of the population of Ohio?

With the possible exception of Ron Paul, Donald Trump has got to be the biggest crackpot ever to be considered for the nomination of a major party for President of the United States. And perhaps it's not surprising that the crackpots are coming out of the walls to support him.

Given the damage he's doing just as a candidate is severe enough to make you wonder what would happen if he ever got his hands on the reins of power.

No. Just... no. The American people are too smart for that.

There aren't enough crackpots. Thank God.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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