The pope should stop talking nonsense

Pope Francis says that "we do not serve ideas; we serve people."

But that's a false dichotomy. And it's also an idea!

All of Christ's teachings are ideas. And as popular as the idea that mindless service of people is even possible may be among the less thoughtful in Western society, it's still nonsense. The head of the Catholic church owes it to his own faith and to the Faith all Christians confess- to the Church catholic as well as to the Catholic church- not to speak nonsense if he can avoid it.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that Pope Francis is more popular than the Catholic church.

Now, I'm not a Catholic. But as I Christian, I would point out that it's not the Church's job to be popular. It's the Church's job to be faithful. And while I would not categorically charge Pope Francis with being otherwise, his naïve statements undermining the Faith have long since reached the status of a public scandal.

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