Walker will withdraw from the GOP race tonight

Straped for cash and unwilling to go into the Iowa caucus campaign crippled, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will reportedly announce his withdrawal from the 2016 Republican presidential race tonight.

Which is a shame. While Walker was never my first choice, he was a serious candidate. Donald Trump, whose advent spelled the doom of the Walker campaign, is not. I continue to believe with every fiber of my being that the protest movement which has spared Trump's surge in the polls is an expression of voter frustration, not of actual support for a Trump presidency. He will never be considered when sensible people actually begin the process of picking a president. And if by some demonic miracle he were to be nominated, a goodly percentage of the Republican electorate would stay home. Trump would be lucky to carry a single state against Hillary or Joe Biden.

But it's a measure of the damage this clown has done to the process that a serious candidate like Walker has been forced out of the race by his ego trip. And again, it's a shame.

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