Carson passes Trump?

Pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson has passed Donald Trump and moved into first place in at least one Republican presidential poll.

The IDB/TIPP poll taken from September 26 through October 1 shows Carson with 24%, to 17 for Trump, 11 for Marco Rubio, nine for Carly Fiorina, eight for Jeb Bush, six for Ted Cruz, four for John Kasich,  three for Rand Paul, two each for Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie, and one for Bobby Jindal. Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki each come in at less than one percent.

Whether this is a mere glitch or the beginning of what I continue to see as the insubstantial but very loud Mr. Trump's inevitable tumble from prominence remains to be seen. But it has to come. As Gertrude Stein is reported variously to have said of Oakland, California and of Gov. Christie's home state of New Jersey, when it comes to Donald Trump "there's no there there."

HT: Real Clear Politics


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