Crucify this, ISIS!

Eleven Christian missionaries have been crucified and beheaded in Syria by ISIS.

Mass beheadings and shootings of Christians are becoming routine.

To the right is an Mk-84 general purpose bomb. Very large quantities of them need to be showered repeatedly on the heads of these animals, while American soldiers and Marines shoot them.

This will discourage such behavior on their part. The only problem is that while Vladimir Putin is willing to do what it takes to defend civilization and the Christians of Syria, Barack Obama is apparently not.

Mr. Obama needs to have some Mk-84s sent to ISIS by air express as soon as possible. And whatever else it takes to save the Christians of Syria.
Jesus commands us as individuals to turn the other cheek, just as the Syrian martyrs are doing. But God established governments to protect the weak from the strong and to establish justice on earth.

Go establish some justice in Syria, Mr. President.


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