Those Democratic storm troopers in Wisconsin were even worse than we thought

It seems that those politically-motivated police state-style raids in Wisconsin by partisan Democratic U.S. Attorney John Chisholm and Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz were even more shameful, unconstitutional, and un-American than we thought.

The Democratic Duo and their confederates launched a series of terror raids in against supporters of Governor Scott Walker and other people who had dared to publicly espouse opinions contrary to the Party Line. The Wisconsin Supreme Court called a halt to the witch hunt last summer, ruling that

The special prosecutor has disregarded the vital principle that in our nation and our state political speech is a fundamental right and is afforded the highest level of protection. The special prosecutor’s theories, rather than “assur[ing] [the] unfettered interchange of ideas for the bringing about of political and social changes desired by the people” . . . instead would assure that such political speech will be investigated with paramilitary-style home invasions conducted in the pre-dawn hours and then prosecuted and punished.

Homes were invaded, personal property was seized, and- unbeknownst to the victims- their email was being read. Victims have brought a series of civil suits against Chisholm, Schmitz and company, who deny any wrongdoing.


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