Joe Dziemianowicz's comments about Daniel Murphy are just in time for Halloween

It seems that Joe Dziemianowicz,a gay writer for the New York Post, is all bent out of shape because Mets second baseman and Cub-killer Daniel Murphy says he's "100% opposed " to the gay lifestyle.

Note that Murphy said nothing about gay people, or about their orientation, over which they have no control. He merely expressed his personal beliefs concerning the morality of a set of behaviors. He singled no one out. He called nobody names.

Dziemianowicz cannot say the same thing. He libeled Murphy as a "bigot" and a "homophobe."

Now, don't get me wrong. Dziemianowicz has just as much right to disapprove of Murphy's attitude as Murphy has to disapprove of homosexual behavior. But neither has any right to call the other names. And I'm sorry, but moral disapproval of a behavior neither makes someone a bigot nor gives anyone else the right to abuse him for his opinion.

On the other hand, suggesting otherwise does make one a pompous, politically correct moonbat, and a bit of a fascist.

Get a life, my friend. None of us has a right to have anyone else approve of our behavior or our lifestyle- and your lifestyle is all that Murphy criticized. Nor did he single you out, as you did him. He merely made a general statement about a set of behaviors.

And by the way, while I would join you in condemning him if he had said derogatory things about gay people rather than about their behavior, I want to make it very clear that I agree with him about what he actually said.

And you know something? That's none of your business, any more than Daniel Murphy's opinion of your behavior is any of your business.


SteveH said…
Right the heck on, Bob! Well said.

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