One win from the NLCS, whether we deserve to be there or not

I still disbelive in the Wild Card.

I am painfully aware that even if we beat the Foul Fowl tomorrow, the Cards will still have a record one win better than ours- and I still think that means that they, and not my Cubs, should be advancing to the NLCS.

For that matter, I don't think there should even BE an NLCS. The Cards have the best record in the league. They should go to the World Series, period. Nobody else qualifies.

But the Cubs beat them 8-6 tonight, setting an all-time MLB record for a post-season game by hitting six- count 'em, SIX- home runs.

If the Cubs win the Lester-Lackey rematch tomorrow, the Cards are out and the Cubs will go to the National League Championship series against the Dodgers or the (still) hated Mets.



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