Vatican fires non-celibate gay theologian

The Vatican has dismissed a priest from his job at the Holy See after he came out as gay, said that he had a partner, and called for the Catholic church to change its teaching on homosexuality.

Monsignor Krzyszto Charasma worked- ironically- at the Vatican's doctrinal branch, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, and taught theology at pontifical universities in Rome. He has lost all of those positions. Which should neither surprise nor shock anybody.

Not that various people will not pretend to be surprised and shocked.

The teaching of the Catholic church (and of the church Catholic) on the subject of homosexuality is perfectly biblical, and- being drawn directly from the unchanging Word of God- is by its very nature unchangeable. God doesn't change His mind, and when the Church starts changing its teachings in order to accommodate changing sexual mores, it by definition goes rogue and becomes apostate.

The concept of sexual orientation is only about a century old. Neither Scripture nor the historic Christian faith knows anything about it. Homosexuality, in the context of biblical and Christian theology, is homosexual behavior. There is nothing wrong, shameful, morally perverse, or contrary to Christian teaching in being born with a sexual attraction to people of the same gender.

It's acting on that inclination that is condemned by every stratum of both Testaments as incompatible with a life in communion with God. People who are born with a same-sex attraction, like unmarried heterosexuals, are called to be celibate.

Which isn't easy, to say the least. A a straight, divorced Christian, I can testify to that. But it's doable- and if we slip, there is always repentance and forgiveness.

But neither heterosexual fornication nor homosexual activity is compatible with the Faith. The Supreme Court cannot change that. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America cannot change that. The Presbyterian Church in the USA cannot change that. The National Council of Churches cannot change that. The New York Times cannot change that. The Washington Post cannot change that. Lisa Miller cannot change that. Newsweek cannot change that. I cannot change that.

Not even Pope Francis can change that, as hard as that seems to be for the cultural Left and the mainstream media to understand. And neither, certainly, can Msgr. Charasma or the Christian Left change something clearly taught by Scripture and confessed, in the words of St. Vincent of Lerins, "always, everywhere, and by all."

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John William Lee said…
Thanks for that clear word. My 100 page book, Marriage Reconsidered, says basically the same thing. (John William Lee) - see it online.
You're welcome. I will do that,

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