Well, I'm proud of Jim Webb

I didn't hear Jim Webb's quote on killing that enemy soldier the other night in the Democratic debate, but frankly it does strike me as slightly creepy- slightly- to be proud of killing anybody.

But in fairness, that's not actually what he said. He didn't say he was proud of killing even an enemy of his country. He said that he was proud that that enemy of his country was his enemy. And even if Sen. Webb wasn't proud of that, I would be proud of him. Proud, and grateful. I completely agree with David Harsanyi of The Federalist on that one.

I disagree with Sen. Webb on several issues, but I've always kind of liked the guy- and not just because I enjoyed his book on our common Scots-Irish heritage. He's honest, he's genuine, he's sincere, and he walks the walk.

Given the (unlikely) choice between him and The Donald, he's one Democrat I'd be very tempted to vote for despite our disagreements. At least I'd sleep at night with Jim Webb in the White House.

And better a man in the White House whose worst enemy is an enemy of his country than one whose worst enemy is Rosie O'Donnell.


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