We're in even worse shape as a society than I thought

According to Rasmussen, 52% of Americans support physician-assisted suicide.

That's bad enough. But even worse, half support outright euthanasia- nearly twice as many as oppose it.

Perplexingly, when it comes to abortion, we're almost evenly split. 48% consider themselves pro-choice, and 44% pro-life.

And even more bizarrely, 69% believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

Unprecedented biblical and theological ignorance at least partially explains this strange case of national multiple-personality disorder. I can see only one other partial explanation for Americans' overwhelming endorsement of the resurrection of Christ, combined with majority support of what His teachings would consider murder.

That partial answer is the rapidly-metastasizing cancer of libertarianism and the cult of the individual. What the average American worships as God can be found in neither the Bible nor the Koran nor any other sacred text.

He (or she) can be found in the mirror. And after all, who can question god's right to transcend the Ten Commandments?

Really, for modern Americans there is only one commandment: the sovereignty of the individual, and the individual's right to be free from outside interference with his or her choices. The will of the god in the mirror trumps every other authority.


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