Will America remain America?

Daniel Pipes asks a valid question: as immigration transforms our society more and more, and multi-culti becomes more and more the ethos of that society, will traditional American values continue to define it? Or will the values of other cultures come to overshadow and overpower them?

The classic question of any generically paranoid conservative at a time such as ours. Perhaps it's an overreaction. But the question is still valid.

Immigration isn't the issue, as I see it. We are a nation of immigrants. But immigration is happening at an unprecedented pace. Change is happening at an unprecedented pace- change that can only be accounted for by so much immigration in so short a time.

The issue is multi-culti. Do I really need jalapeños in my cheddarwurst? Shouldn't it be possible to order a meal in Washington, D.C. from a waitress who speaks English?

And more to the point... will individual freedom and the Bill of Rights remain things we can count on,  or will more authoritarian and collectivist values take their place?

It's not a question of panic. But it is a question for honest and appropriate concern. And it's not a question of whether we should be willing to welcome (legal) immigrants, either; of course we should.

It's a question of how much is going to change, and how fast- and whether we're going to be able to remain America afterward.


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