Big Brother is watching you, eh?

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, lies are truth- and Canada leads the world in personal freedom and tolerance.

Or. as to that last, at least so a new survey reported in Yahoo News reports.

In fact, freedom of speech is severely curtailed in Canada, and freedom of religion is also restricted. Those inclined to be political and social conformists would not notice either in a secular society, and upon reading the article it turns out that in fact what is being reported is not the state of tolerance and personal freedom in Canada at all, but rather Canadians' perception of the state of these things in Canada, as opposed to the self-perception of other countries.

It is thus- and only thus- that a country in which one can face criminal penalties for politically incorrect speech and in which freedom of religious expression is subordinated to social policy can be said to be free and tolerant in any sense.

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