A second consequence of a Trump nomination: Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker again

I continue to believe quite firmly that Donald Trump will not be the Republican candidate for president. Neither will Dr. Ben Carson who, though considerably better socialized than Trump, is equally unqualified for the office and gaffe-prone to boot.

But what if one of these guys were the nominee? Here's an all too plausible scenario for the result.

The tanTrump GOP voters are throwing is doubtless very satisfying emotionally. Clearly there are one or two issues on which Trump has connected with uneducated white Republicans in a way that others have not. But he isn't a plausible president, and if he nominated there will be consequences.

Hillary will be president, having been elected by a landslide she can plausibly call a mandate and working with a Congress in which the Democrats may well have re-taken the House.

Not ready for Pope Nancy again.


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