You know that Planned Parenthood shooting by that right-wing religious nut? Well...

Although the shooting was near a Planned Parenthood facility,  it was not in the facility. The shooter fired from a bank, and then ducked into the Planned Parenthood facility for cover. It is not clear that the incident was even connected to Planned Parenthood.

The shooter- a man who "identifies" as a woman- is a registered Independent.

The police officer who was killed, on the other hand, was a pro-life part-time minister.

So other than getting every important detail of the story wrong in a rush to make political propaganda for their own favored causes, the media did a great job on this one.

In fairness, although I have the excuse of having relied on the reportage of the media, I jumped to the same conclusions when I first heard about the incident.

I shouldn't have relied on the media to accurately report the facts You just can't safely do that.

ADDENDUM: "Reports" claim that the turkey shouted "No more baby parts!" as he was being arrested.

 Vindication for the MSM? Well, reports claim so. Personally I think it would have been better to get the facts and THEN write the story.


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