A BETTER choice than Trump or Hillary!

A debate has arisen on the pages of the National Review between supporters of two particular candidates for president in 2016.

Jonah Goldberg supports the Sweet Meteor O' Death (SMOD). whereas Kevin D. Williamson backs Dread Cthulhu.

SMOD, a self-described "Pre-Cambrian conservative, " is sure to make an impact. Cthulhu's dedication to world domination, however, outdoes the foreign policy of even the most aggressive Neo-Conservative.

Neither are good choices. However, whereas SMOD represents true evil, Cthulhu is beyond good, evil and other moral concepts. As Williamson notes, some have used this fact as an excuse to accuse Cthulhu of being an EDINO (Evil Deity in Name Only). Nevertheless, in the battle between these two apocalyptic figures, my philosophical inclinations tend to cause me to adopt the same attitude I take toward the race for the Republican nomination and prefer the less evil option.

Accordingly- without compromising my support for Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination- I hereby announce my endorsement for Cthulhu the real 2016 primary. I have no doubt that he would be a better choice than less serious candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

That he would be a better option than Hillary goes without saying. And SMOD suffers from a serious disadvantage: Trump already has the evil vote pretty much wrapped up.

In any case, if present trends continue and the Republicans end up nominating Trump while the Democrats pick Hillary, the choice should be easy for any thinking American. Cthulhu would be a better president than either of them.

ADDENDEM: I've tweeted both SMOD and Cthulhu asking how they answer charges that they were born respetcively of a comet originating in the Kuyper Belt and beyond the stars, and are thus not native-born Americans. I await their replies with interest.


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