Graham: Rational wing of the GOP has 'collapsed'

Upon dropping out of the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination- which he rightly says is not simpy about 2016, but about the soul and future of the Republican party- Lindsay Graham has admited that the centrist wing of the party has "collapsed."

Voters are now presented with a stark and simple choice between a party of the extreme Left, and a party of the extreme Right. And then there's Donald Trump, who is simply, aa Jeb Bush put it so well, "the candidate of chaos."

I very much hope that, having come to this realization, Sen. Graham- or somebody- will consider giving the rational souls among us somebody to vote for my mounting a third party campaign from the Center if Trump or Cruz or Rand Paul are somehow nominated by the Repubicans. That such a party could never win is not the point.

The point is that reason, common sense, and sanity should not be disenfranchised- and neither should those of us who believe in them. America should not be allowed to descend into bilateral political goofiness without at least a token fight.

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