Here's a thought: Why not get a Center Right third party ready for 2016, just in case?

Third party presidential tickets have until March to launch.

The talk is about Trump and Carson, of course. But while I doubt that it would happen, I would dearly love to see one of the Republicans who have left the race or are doing poorly- Lindsey Graham or Bobby Jindal, perhaps, or Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie or even Scott Walker- prepare for the remote but real possibility of a Trump nomination by starting up a third party campaign to give sane Republicans and others who can't stomach voting for either Trump or Hillary an option in November.

It would probably end the national political career of anybody who did it, which is why I doubt that Walker or Jindal- who probably harbor ambitions for 2020 and beyond- would consider it. But it might do the country a world of good to have a sane, Center Right alternative to the craziness and demagoguery of the Trumpmeister and Hillary. And it's not as if Graham or Fiorina or Christie have any future prospect of reaching the White House as Republicans.

Or if worse came to worse, what about John McCain, who is fighting for his political life in the Arizona GOP primary for the privilege of serving one last term in the Senate, and is a heavy underdog? Wouldn't this be a better way to end a career fighting the crazies?

And if the GOP does come to its senses and nominate somebody like Jeb or Marco Rubio, there would be nothing stopping the new party's ticket from suspending their campaign and endorsing the Republican candidates even if they themselves stay on the ballot.

I remember feeling disenfranchised up until the closing weeks of the 1968 campaign, and it wasn't fun. Seems to me that sane Centrists deserve a voice, too, even if the Republicans go crazy and the Democrats stay that way.

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