I may just do the unthinkable

Jeb's top donor says that he'd vote for Hillary if the GOP nominates Donald Trump.

And while I'd still probably just leave the presidential line blank myself, I'm considering it myself. I think Trump is that great a danger to our country.

Yes, actually THAT great a danger.

Donald Trump is a hypocrite and a demagogue who seems to have no respect whatsoever for the Constitution which he, as president, would have to swear to support and defend. He his utterly clueless about the issues, and when asked for specifics always changes the subject. His support comes mostly from frustrated, uneducated voters who at least so far haven't quite figured out that when you vote for somebody it doesn't matter that it was only a protest.

He still becomes president. And in Trump's case, that's simply unthinkable.

I still have confidence that when the process actually begins, and people start considering the consequences of their actions, Republicans will choose somebody like Jeb or Rubio. But if it really does come down to a choice between Trump and Hillary, I may very well conclude that I have no choice but to put my hand over my eyes and pull the lever for Hillary.

I cannot express in words how hard that would be, or how much remorse I'd feel about it afterward. But I'd feel far more if I didn't do everything in my power to save America from Donald Trump.

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