Limousine liberals only want to soak SOME of the rich

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the Leftist crowd are famous for their passionate defense of what they call the "middle class." They are eager to raise taxes on the rich, but utterly refuse to consider raising taxes on middle class folks making less than the paltry amount of- $250,000 a year.

A question worth asking: Is a quarter of a million dollars a year really middle class? And might it be that the reluctance of the Democrats to select a more realistic cut-off point for tax raises is caused by the fact that such a large percentage of their constituency makes six figures a year?

Is it really only the Republican rich the Democrats want to "soak?"

Things do sort of change when you're the one getting the "soaking," eh?

In more ways than one.

Or two.

In fact, Stephen Hayward asks an interesting question in Forbes: "How did the Democrats become the party of the rich?"

I'm afraid, my "progressive" friends, that if you really wanted to wage class warfare, you'd be forming a circular firing squad.


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