Ok. Time to rile some conservatives for a change!

Just thought I'd share this article on the realities regarding the oft-heard fantasy of gun ownership providing protection against bad guys.

They don't. They themselves are the danger. Guns, it's true, don't kill people.

They just make it a hell of a lot easier to kill people.

They are worse than useless when it comes to protecting ourselves, our families and our property from bad guys. Not only that, but it's by stealing the guns of law-abiding gun owners that the bad guys arm themselves.

The childish fantasy about handguns as a means of protecting ourselves against a government with a modern, well-equipped military is just that. Pull a gun on a criminal and you basically increase your own chances of getting shot. Pull one on an armored personnel carrier, and those chances become a certainty.

We will never get rid of handguns. That ship sailed long ago. But it's absurd to let naive daydreams fool us about that being a bad thing, not a good one. It's no accident that the only industrialized Western democracy without very strict gun laws is also the one with far and away the highest murder rate- almost twenty times that of the others.


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