Okay. Two things.

First, as great a hymnist as Gerhardt was, I have to agree that the hymn that Luther sings in this video does not have one of the better tunes German Lutheran Christmas carols have to offer. The Christ-centered words certainly do beat all those Anglican snow, cold, silence and barnyard animals carols all hollow, though.

Secondly, there's an inside joke here. Pastor Fiene did one of these a while back in which Horus shows up to prove that Easter is just a retelling of his story, or that of Mithras, or that of some other dying-and-rising deity, only to have his premise unmasked for the nonsense it is. In it, for some reason, Horus has a German accent- something of which Pastor Fiene was never allowed to hear the end.

Thus, the otherwise obscure reference to an ancient Egyptian accent at the end.

In any case, I think the actual point of this video should be clear. Not that we Lutherans have anything against First Century Palestinian weather or livestock, mind you.


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