This is getting old

Ever since the Democrats tried- and failed- to steal Florida and the presidency in 2000 and then had the incredible chutzpah to claim that George W. Bush and the Republicans had done so, the sad and sorry refrain that not allowing the Democrats to cheat was somehow itself cheating has been a part of the Left's perennial rhetoric.

They're at it again. Already.

Voting fraud is a regular feature of American politics, and the overwhelming majority of it is practiced by Democrats. After all, in poor neighborhoods when the Democrats dominate there are going to be fewer people watching who might object. And the poor are always more easily manipulated than others simply because of their relative powerlessness.

Yet the Democrats keep raising the claim that there's no evidence of "systematic" voter fraud in America. Of course there isn't. Every time the Democrats get caught there's lots of publicity, and they have to try something else somewhere else. And it seems that the Democrats always count on people's poor memories, hoping that they don't remember that publicity. Sadly, it sometimes works- especially among those motivated to forget!

But the plethora of scandals in the aftermath of election after election should have put this to rest long ago. When Republicans try to ensure a fair count of votes cast by qualified voters, that isn't fraud. Fraud is when anybody- and for some reason it seems most often to be the Democrats- tries to allow unqualified people to vote, or to allow people to vote more than once, or to dishonestly report the count.

This is not a difficult distinction and the Democrats' inability to make it is really getting tiresome.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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