Trump, Cruz and Carson: when it comes to defense, Hillary would eat any of them alive

If you're looking for a competent Commander-in-Chief- or even somebody Hillary won't make look foolish in debating military issues- don't support any of the three leading Republican presidential candidates.

Donald Trump doesn't know the difference between a bomber and a fighter.

Ted Cruz doesn't think civilian casualties affect the outcome of wars and does think that "carpet bombing" is the way to defeat terrorism. I'm not sure it helps or hurts that he apparently doesn't know what the term "carpet bombing" even means.  Cruz also promises to "make (the) sand (in the Middle East) glow in the dark." The best construction one can put on that is that he has little idea of the effects of conventional munitions; the worst construction is that he wants to nuke ISIS!

Ben Carson doesn't know what Special Operations Forces do. And these are the three darlings of American conservatives?

When it comes to defense (or anything else, for that matter), one can only pray that once the Republican rank-and-file gets past the tantrum-throwing stage and realizes that they're about to choose a potential president- or at the very least an opponent for Hillary Clinton- they'll wake up and smell the ignorance.

f you're concerned about national security and worried by Barack Obama's ineptitude and naivete, for all their tough talk these three are not an upgrade. Better to select Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio- or even Lindsey Graham, who is probably the best informed of any of the candidates when it comes to defense policy.

Impractical pipe dreams about building border-spanning fences paid for by Mexico and plans to scrap the First Amendment and deny all followers of a specific religion entry into the United States aside, wouldn't it be smart to elect a president who knows the difference between an F-22 and a B-1,  and doesn't want to make the sand glow in the dark?

HT: Real Clear Defense


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