Trump might beat Hillary- but only if the Republicans nominate somebody else

This is fascinating- and right on target.

The polls consistently show Donald Trump to be the Republican least likely to beat Hillary Clinton in November (Marco Rubio is the only candidate who, at this juncture, actually leads her). In fact, I suspect that those polls gravely underestimate the electoral disaster Trump represents. The very irresponsible rhetoric so many Republicans find so appealing in the runup to the caucuses and primaries is going be a fatal turnoff to most voters. If the GOP nominates Trump, it will face an electoral disaster that will make Goldwater look like Ike or Reagan by comparison.

But that slanderous and over-the-top rhetoric might well work against Hillary just as well as it has against his more worthy Republican opponents. The jury is still out, but maybe Donald Trump isn't an unmixed curse to the Republican party after all.


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