We can still do better. But we could do a lot worse.

I am still for Jeb Bush. But as things stand, Marco Rubio may be the only thing standing between us and doing much, much worse.

Yes, I remain a supporter of Jeb, whom I consider to be far and away the best-qualified candidate in either party to be president. And I continue to think that there are few things as foolish as voting against a person because of his last name. I also continue to think that to dismiss the best-qualified candidate as somehow a "RINO" because he's to the left of one on immigration and Common Core and nothing else is absolutely nuts.

It seems at this point, however, that Marco Rubio is the only candidate acceptable to me who realistically has a chance. I hope Jeb somehow catches fire between now and the Caucuses. If not, I have to admit that Rubio impresses me.

Consider what he says below. Note that he says nothing about imposing anything on anybody. Note, too, that he in no way attacks those whose belief systems differ from his.

Yet there will be those who will be offended by this video. That is sad. It is also the very religious intolerance and lack of regard for the First Amendment with which the secular Left- with more or less validity, depending on the case- charges Christians.


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