When you're a cop, you're not just guilty until proven innocent. You're guilty afterward, too.

Yes, there are plenty of racist cops. Yes, there are plenty of sadistic cops. Yes, there are plenty of cops who use unjustified violence. Yes, there are plenty of cops who even commit murder.

But why do we have such a hard time understanding that there are even more psychopaths and murderers and drug dealers and pimps who try to kill police officers and who are instead killed by them, and who shouldn't be automatically presumed innocent and the cops guilty because of the respective colors of their skins?

No charges will be filed against the policeman who shot Ronald Johnson in Chicago. The reason: after investigation it has been determined that Johnson had a gun and refused to drop it despite repeated pleas by multiple officers. Officer Hernandez seems to have acted in self-defense.

It seems that once again the Left has jumped to an unjustified conclusion that since a white police officer shot an African American, it must automatically and necessarily be a case of cold-blooded murder due to police racism.

Once again, such an incident has been duly investigated, the facts determined, and a legally appropriate response made by the prosecution. And once again people don't want to be concerned with facts; their minds are made up.

Once again a racially charged incident has occurred, an investigation has been demanded, that investigation has been duly carried out,  the conclusions did not fit the prejudices of the radical Left, and so the investigation is wrong and the biases of the Left are the truth.

But it's not about truth. With the Left, it's never about truth. It's about The Narrative. The "truth" is whatever set of assertions will serve the ideological objectives of the hour.  Post-modernism is much-beloved by the Left. It's so very congenial to anyone for whom the will to power is the most important consideration.

Once more a policeman is apparently being denigrated and abused for defending himself while a white cop.

Something else is interesting here: do a Google search for images for abuse OF police or mistreatment OF police. You will encounter a bunch of images of others being abused BY police. You know, it would serve us all right if every cop in the country quit and left us to the mercy of the street.

I understand that a family (almost always including a vocal mother) who has lost a son especially in circumstances which cast him in a bad light will instinctively refuse to believe the evidence. But do the rest of us have to follow suit, again and again and again?


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