'24' may be coming back- but without Jack Bauer

Fox is seriously considering bringing "24" back- but without Jack Bauer.

Bauer, when last seen, had been kidnapped by the Russians and was being smuggled out of the country to implied execution for killing a bunch of bad guy Russki diplomats. I'd hoped for one more mini-series to spring Jack and ease him into a well-earned and peaceful retirement, but it's apparently not to be.

Kiefer Sutherland, who starred as Bauer in the original series, has signed on to a new ABC political thriller and thus would be unavailable for the reboot in any case.

"24: Legacy" would involve a returning war hero who has to involve the fictional Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU), Bauer's old employer, in order to protect his own life and stumbles into a plot to pull off the biggest terrorist attack in American history.

Fox is already producing a limited-run revival of "The X-Files."


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