An evening at the Marriott

Seems the Rubio caucus night "victory celebration" will be only a few blocks away, at the Des Moines Downtown Marriott. So I'll be going there after my caucus adjourns at the Historical Society building. Haven't spent an election night at the Marriott since Denise and I left for home thinking that Dubyah had lost the 2000 election, only to be pleasantly surprised once we got there.

When I get home I'll blog on what happened both in the Des Moines Precinct 55 caucus, and statewide. I'm pulling for a strong third-place finish, and who knows? Maybe lightning will strike and we'll catch Cruz.

In any event, in a little more than 24 hours we'll know just how crazy this crazy election year is likely to be- and the answer to Donald Trump's question, "How dumb are Iowans, anyway?"

I'm hoping that we turn out to be a lot less dumb than he's counting on us being.


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