And now the debate of the century: Trump vs Trump!

So what if he skipped the last Iowa debate?

Here- thanks to Stephen Colbert- is the debate that counts: Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump.

Since Mr. Trump has been on both sides of virtually every issue raised in this campaign- or is likely to be raised- this should be especially informative.

Note that Mr. Colbert is courteous enough not to offend Mr. Trump by asking him any difficult questions.

As is always the case, all assertions made by Mr. Trump are subject to change without notice, and you will be called all sorts of names and have your character assassinated should you point out that he has changed one of them.

The rules, as moderator Colbert reminds us, are simple: say the first thing that comes into your mind, and whatever it is, you go up in the polls.

Incidentally, I hope the people of Iowa pay special attention the second Mr. Trump's opinion of them.

Photo By DonkeyHotey via

Photo By DonkeyHotey via


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