And speaking of dumbing down, how about the dumbing down of American Evangelicals?

I just don't believe this.

American Evangelicals flock to  a hypocrite whom 1 John 1 labels as self-deceived and a person who calls Christ a liar. 

Their second choice is a man whose entire candidacy is built on a refusal to turn the other cheek and meet his opponents halfway.

And third is a guy who has as much chance of being elected as I do. I will not even get into Ben Carson's theology.

I wonder whether we are absolutely determined to justify every snarky stereotype the Left and the Neo-atheists try to sell about us.

Interestingly, the Southern Evangelical who wrote the book has an interesting theory about why Evangelicals- including Missouri Synod Lutherans- so easily fall prey to this stuff: our history of non-involvement with the secular culture has left us without the tools necessarily to engage it politically in a thoughtful and effective way.

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