At last, at least Tavis Smiley gets it

Barack Obama was always about style, and never about substance; always about glitter, and never about results.

And at length, Tavis Smiley gets it: any way you look at it, the Obama presidency has been a disaster for African-Americans.

One hopes that eventually we'll all get the message that symbolism changes nothing and that voting FOR a person because of the color of his skin is not only as futile and self-defeating but as morally wrong as voting against a person on the same ground- and for the same reason.

ADDENDUM: One final thought.

Mr. Smiley said that "none of these things ever happened when we had a white president."

Was he really asleep during the eight years that George W. Bush was in the White House?  There's an awful lot of whining among Democrats about how Mr. Obama has been treated, and they're not entirely wrong.

But it's nothing less than amazing to me that they don't remember that they treated Dubya in exactly the same way. Exactly.

I mean, it hasn't been that long ago....

HT: Real Clear Politics


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