'Dishonest beats crazy'

A man Donald Trump ran out of the GOP presidential race nevertheless has his number.

Lindsey Graham is far better qualified to be president than Donald Trump but was but much less willing (to his cost) to mislead us. We, who say that are tired of being lied to by politicians, responded by backing the candidate who lies to us the most   outrageously.

 In the unlikely case that Trump is nominated (or even that the Republicans chose the other cartoon character in the race, Ted Cruz),  I hope that Lindsey Graham runs as a fourth party candidate.

After all, it's not as if he has anything to lose.

Graham has Trump's voters nailed, too:

He’s doing well with those people (who are) angry  (about conditions in the nation) for good reason but 75 percent of his voters believe Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya...
I think there’s a percentage of our people that have a hard time accepting Obama to be president. He’s driven our party crazy. He started, if he had governed like he campaigned it would be different but he’s gone so extreme in many areas that people in our party, at least, a fraction of them are just so upset by him and Obama is — excuse me Trump is feeding into that...His message is not a good message for us and it will catch up with us. If you want to make Hillary Clinton president of the United States, vote for Donald Trump. Dishonest beats crazy

Or perhaps he should have said that dishonest trumps Trump.

Donald Trump is the most unelectable Republican candidate in recent memory. His nomination will destroy the Republican party,  convince not only the independents but the world beyond all doubt that it is a party of idiots, and offer no possibility whatsoever of anything but an electoral disaster at all levels in 2016.

There simply is no upside.

HT: Real Clear World


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