Enough snow may arrive early enough to mess up Iowa roads tomorrow after all

The latest word is that the Iowa blizzard may yet make roads hazardous in the southern third of Iowa Monday night.

Time will tell whether this will be enough to deter the hoards of Trump supporters expected to cover the landscape tomorrow night. Ted Cruz has got to be hoping that people will be deterred from making the trip. The lower the turnout, the better his chances.

Iowans, of course, are used to driving in snow. So the question will ultimately be whether or not all those first-time Trump caucus participants decide that it's worth the effort. There is no word as to how bad conditions will be when the caucuses begin at 7 pm local time, but they will probably go on for at least an hour and in some places longer, making the trip home a concern for some especially in rural areas.

Photo By MIKI Yoshihito via http://public-domain.pictures/


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