Jeb gains a little, but Republican insanity still rules

Jeb has moved past Rubio into fourth place in the Reuters rolling poll of GOP presidential candidates.

But the doofus is still way out in front, and Ted Cruz is also doing far better than a should in a sampling of reasonable people.

I keep looking for good news in his election. But I can't shake the feeling that this is not going to end well. The major question is what form the self-inflicted national disaster will take.

My guess is still a discredited Republican party that has nominated Cruz (Trump's nomination would destroy the party), and a crushing landslide victory for an unindicted Hillary and the Democrats in an election they should by all rights lose.

And Roe, Obergefell and the rest permanently enshrined, as the new administration appoints enough crazy Left Supreme Court justices to replace the ones who are retiring that a historic chance to reverse the Court's insanity and return to constitutional rule is lost forever so that rank-and-file Republican voters can through a temper tantrum.

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