Just got an interesting email from the Rubio campaign: an article from Roll Call on how Iowa evangelicals break down, candidate-wise.

Essentially it said that Rubio is the candidate of the Billy Graham wing, Cruz the candidate of the Jerry Falwell wing, and Trump the candidate of the Jimmy Swaggart wing. Which sounds about right.

Iowa is strange in many ways. The extremism of both of its parties is one way. Its whiteness is another. On the positive side, Iowans are better educated, more literate and better informed than most Americans.

Which would logically seem to prevent the first characteristic I mentioned. Go figure. We're better educated, better informed- yet crazier and more gullible.

But  in a field of candidates most of whom hold positions congenial to conservative Christian social attitudes, it seems odd that a man whose main tactic is the bearing of false witness and whose history on issues like abortion is appalling- a man who managed to get himself booed at the Values Summit here in Iowa a while back- has emerged as the darling of an entire wing of the Iowa evangelical community while a committed Christian with a courageous record of pro-life advocacy (remember Terry Schiavo?) like Jeb Bush does not.

It really makes you wonder about Iowa evangelicals.