Please watch this video

You won't be able to see it on YouTube because, incredibly, YouTube considers it "hate speech." You'll have to go to this page.

YouTube's reaction  is nearly as crazy as the situation this young German woman describes.Yes, she says some ugly things. No, I don't approve of every single word she says. But she's scared- and she has good reason to be.

People shouldn't be discriminated against because of their religion. But when they are steeped in a culture which causes them to act like animals, that is good reason to say "Enough is enough," and react, not against their religion, but against their behavior. And if the culture they come from causes them to react in this way, then people from that culture should not be allowed entrance to the West. It's a matter of simple common sense.

The behavior of those male Muslim immigrants should not be tolerated. One hand to the breast should be automatic deportation. And this is one situation in which women being armed- if only with pepper spray- is the merest common sense.

There is no excuse for any government allowing its citizens to be in such danger. Nor is there any excuse for preventing its victims from speaking out.

Any civilized nation needs to have zero tolerance for this kind of stuff or it is no longer a civilized nation.


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