That's not very nice!

The Chinese have come up with a detailed study on how to do the maximum damage to the United States with an attack by twenty obsolete ICBM's. Presumably their first team would do us worse damage.

While not an especially friendly gesture, it reminds us once again that contrary to the apparent belief of many (especially on the Left) that the bad old days of strategic nuclear threat are over, China is just such a threat. To be sure, they aren't in the position the old Soviet Union (itself not an impotent nuclear power today) was in back in the Cold War era.


There remains an apparent belief in the ancient land that is already an economic and conventional military superpower that its destiny is to challenge the United States for the title of most powerful nation on the planet in every possible arena- in finance (though it's doing even worse than we are in that department right now), in space, and in both conventional and nuclear arms as well. They're a long way from getting there in several of these areas. But not for want of aspiration.

HT: Real Clear World


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